Large Format

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Mostrando el único resultado

Large format is the largest of the photographic films, covers sizes from 9x12cm or 4×5 inches to 24x36cm.

It is a film used in plate format, for professional activity.

The Nopo LF pinhole camera is designed to accept 9×12 cm or 4×5 inch plate chassis.

The camera pack does not include the chassis. Each chassis allows two plates to be loaded simultaneously.

The LF nope of large format is used by both professional photographers and authors.

Here  Oscar counts for Xatacafoto as well as in this other link Where Fernando Marcos dedicates a wonderful article to us.

Here you can find a reference article about our Nopo Lf written by Oscar condes for Xatacafotoas well as in this other link WhereFernando Marcos dedicates a wonderful article to our Nopo  LF

The Nopo LF like all our models has been designed by Toño Cañadas, founder and CEO of Nopo Cameras.

Designed in 2016 and assembled in Madrid.