The panoramic version for 35 mm films with the super-wide 92º with 24-65 mm format.

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The panoramic Photo camera   NOPO Pan135 is built with a focal length of 32 mm, a pinhole diameter of 0.25 mm and an aperture of f/128. With a viewing angle of 90° and a manual shutter inside the body of the camera, NOPOpan 135 is activated by a twirl of the whole “lens”. It also comes with a 52 mm ring filter ring. of course it comes with the tripod screw.

The frame format is 24x60mm, you can get 18 to 20 images from the classic  35mm film roll ( 36exp-24x36mm).

In new version for 2018 comes with the engraved viewfinder on top of the camera with an 90º angle  and a bubble level.  also comes in the pack  with a protection bag, a time exposer wheel to use with or without photometer, user manual, warranty card for two years, and our handcraft strap cotton 100%.

We send all world, shipping inside Europe need 5 to 7 days of travel, out of Europe (rest of the world) needs a minimum of 10 days and normally more!!.

In the new 2018 version we have reduce the laser cut in 90∞ with each camera which means much less co2 contamination, we have improved the CNC cut in many precision parts and we made an special effort to back to the traditional woodcrafts.

Handcrafted and oil finished this photo camera as the rest of the Nopo family is made to resist for generations. And you could always have access to our technical service for any issue and contact us for  any  doubt or question about the use of the camera or the pinhole technique.

We are strongly interested in your photo results, if you get one of our cameras we will be waiting to see what you did and we will be very greatfull to publish in our web and social sites. you could see many images from users with the hagstags #nopocameras or #nopopan135.

Do you have any question?, You can contact us HERE


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