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NOPO is a brand of design and manufacture of pinhole cameras.

NOPO was born in Madrid, early 2014 and presented its first models in April of the same year, coinciding with the World Pinhole Photography Day.


NOPO brings us back to the origins of photography, offering handmade cameras that will let us enjoy an alternative technique to digital photography, the pinhole photography. These are processes with huge aesthetic possibilities increasingly practiced by all kind of photographers.


The creator and founder of NOPO, Antonio Cañadas, expert photographer and researcher in photographic processes, have made all the designs and prototypes.

All NOPO cameras are built from walnut, cherry and birch wood. In its elaboration handcrafted techniques are joined with new technological processes such as laser cutting, computer numerical control cutting (CNC), or 3D printing. Each NOPO camera passes through our hands to assure an excellent and durable product.


Committed to the environment, NOPO uses certified wood in the construction of its cameras. All our employees belong to the small and local industry. This commitment does not end here: with the construction of each camera, we support the planting of a tree somewhere in the world through TIST, “international reforestation group”. To learn more please visit