WE ARE NOPO: Pinhole cameras


NOPO is a brand of design and manufacture of pinhole cameras.

¡HELLO everybody! I´m Toño Cañadas , I´m the founder of Nopo Cameras,

I´ve been working as Photographer last 15 years, I´m also designer and craft lover so I begin this Project two years ago with the help from my family and friends, and little by Little it have been alive also by the support of many other people who trust in the Project and in nopo´s cameras.

NOPO IS A HANDGRAFT photographic camera Brand and woodshop site in Madrid.

NOPO saw the light two years ago. early 2014 and presented its first models in April of the same year, coinciding with the World Pinhole Photography Day

A line of pinhole cameras in 35 mm and medium format.


We built each camera with passion and patience. They are all made with walnut, cherry and birch Wood.


NOPO brings us back to the origins of photography, offering handmade cameras that will let us enjoy an alternative technique to digital photography, the pinhole photography. These are processes with huge aesthetic possibilities increasingly practiced by all kind of photographers.



The pinhole cameras are based in camera obscura concept, simple, with a focal plane for film in the back and a little thin hole in the front. Light enters through a small hole ( pinhole ) Forming An image on the photosensitive material located in the focal plane.

It is the origin of photography. Through the time, this techniqe have been rescued many times because its special characteristics: expressivity, plasticity, the particular texture or linear point of view. Also have a great possibilities with the experimental work with exposure time, long-time exposure will give us a particular point of view of reality, different to all.



The creator and founder of NOPO, Toño Cañadas, expert photographer and researcher in photographic processes, have made all the designs and prototypes. All the cameras had an evolution in many details through the time looking forward for usability, user and production requirement.



Our goal is to control the finish of every camera, that is why we work in small lots. Also this way allow us to introduce little changes and details in the design. We are two workers in production, and we handle all the process for the beginning to the end.

cuerpo camara NOPO


In the production there are many stages. One of them is the design and manufacture of specific metal components. We run a little local provider network with wich we made all our components.
diseños originales

We combine classics wood work with new techniqes as the laser cut or CNC All the pieces made in different process are asembled by hand creating the cameras one by one.

fresado y lijado

Through the process we make separately three parts of each camera, the film chassis, the body camera and the shutter. In the last stage before finish we join them to complete the camera.

We built each camera with passion and patience. They are all made with walnut, cherry and birch Wood. The metallic parts are made of steel and aluminium. asembled with natural glue and finished with Tung Oil.


One of the most important part of the cameras is the Central shutter, it is a set of 14 different wood and steel pieces, they work with a simple twist, which allows a 52mm thread to place colour and effect filters.

Obturador de la Nopo camera


Committed to the environment, NOPO uses certified wood in the construction of its cameras. All our employees belong to the small and local industry. This commitment does not end here: with the construction of each camera, we support the planting of a tree somewhere in the world through TIST, “international reforestation group”. To learn more please visit www.tist.org.